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My Linux setup


Back Story

My journey started in 2019 when my college professor Dr. Dhiman Saha taught us about i3 window manager and vim for our Software Tools and Technology course. Back then I used to have a low-end specs laptop which used to freeze whenever I ran heavy programs. When I installed i3, I instantly felt the speed because of fewer applications running on startup compared to Ubuntu GNOME and the minimalistic requirements of the window manager itself. I fell in love with this speed and control over my system so I started looking into extensions like i3lock, i3-gaps, neovim, etc.

Here's how i3 looks without any customization:

i3 default look

Fast forward to today (4 years later), I have a high end laptop but I'm still in love with the things I've done so far and deeply grateful for this experience because it gave me so much knowledge about linux and programming in general.

Here's a glimpse of what my current setup looks like:

current setup

Tools I use:

  • i3-gaps-rounded: i3 with gaps in windows and round borders
  • Polybar: Status bar for top and bottom of the screen.
  • rofi: Search bars to select applications, change wallpapers, and run commands!
  • dunst: Notification daemon
  • neovim: Extended version of vim
  • alacritty: Faster alternative to gnome-terminal written in Rust!
  • Customizable prompt framework written in Rust!
  • zsh: Powerful alternative to bash
  • pywal: Adapt themes of poylbar, rofi, terminal, etc as per your wallpaper.
  • Version managers: nvm (node), virtualenvwrapper (python)
  • System maintainance and monitoring: stacer, ncdu, htop, btop
  • Browser extensions: Video speed controller, Sessions buddy, The Marvellous Suspender
  • Fonts: Noto Color Emoji (font with emojis), JetBrainsMono and Fira Code Nerd Font