Kumar Shivendu

Software Engineer
SuperTokens (YC 20)

Hey there. I am Kumar Shivendu. 👨‍💻 Here's a PDF version of my Resume

I work as a Software Engineer at SuperTokens (YC 20) and have previously worked at FamPay (YC 19). I'm proficient in Python and JS and have a good understanding of Java and Go. I'm deeply passionate about open source, information retrieval (search engines, query languages, and databases), and building dev tools, and I have good experience with each of them.

Some of the coolest things I've built so far:

Advanced search engine for Software Heritage: I designed an advanced search engine with a custom query language that operates on a corpus of over 200 million repositories containing more than 14 billion files. This archive is the largest software archive globally, surpassing even Github itself.

Multi-Factor Authentication for SuperTokens: I architected a customizable MFA recipe (with step-up authentication) that enables the addition of multi-factor authentication to any app in just minutes. It also provides the flexibility to dynamically determine which factors to use for each user. This enterprise feature was highly demanded and has no equivalent product in the current market.

Semantic search browser extension (side project): I developed a browser extension that enhances the existing search capabilities of any website. It allows users to go beyond traditional filters and sorting methods, enabling them to ask questions like "Show me all mobile phones on sale with a rating of 4 stars and atleast 100 reviews" or "I'm feeling sad, show me some food that can improve my mood." The extension utilizes intelligent heuristics for data scraping and employs vector embeddings for finding relevant items.

🚀 Experience:

⚡ Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, Golang

⚡ Frameworks: Django, NextJS (React), Express, Flutter, Material UI

⚡ ML: Keras, Plotly, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, PyTorch, OpenCV

⚡ Misc: Docker, Firebase, Redshift, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Kafka, AWS, Figma

🦄 I am looking for Software Engineering roles at high growth startups having a mission that I truly believe in. If your startup culture is based on open source and believes in transparency, that would be a huge plus ;)

These days I'm exploring semantic search and Generative AI models like GPT-3 and Stable diffusion by building side projects like Suggest-AI (700+ people used it to search for 2000+ different things), cloning voices to make popular singers sing different songs, etc.

I'm a friendly guy who enjoys helping random awesome people on the internet. Feel free to DM me on Twitter or LinkedIn. 🙋🏻‍♂️